Cholesterol Lowering Tips

You’ve just returned from a visit to your doctor where he informed you that you have high cholesterol. But did he give you any cholesterol lowering tips? He may have told you, as my doctor told me, that with a combination of high cholesterol and high blood pressure, you have a 10% chance of having a serious heart attack or stroke within the next 10 years.

And depending on the mindset of your doctor, he may have led you to believe that the best way to lower those cholesterol levels is by beginning a regimen of cholesterol-lowering drugs that you will need to stay on for the rest of your life.

Well, I have good news for you. Of the many conditions that can be treated with medication, high cholesterol, also known as hyper-cholesterolaemia is one of the easiest to overcome by using natural means. That’s not to say that you won’t have to work at it, but the benefits of overcoming high cholesterol without using medication are well worth it.

By implementing some cholesterol lowering tips that I will discuss in a moment, you will lose weight, your clothes will fit better and you will be mentally sharper. I don’t believe any cholesterol medication can make those claims.

Here are 5 cholesterol lowering tips that have helped thousands to improve their cholesterol levels without ever touching cholesterol medication.

Tip 1.) Develop healthy snacking habits. Healthy snacking is incredibly important if you are trying to lower your cholesterol. Avoid reaching for potato chips or other deep-fried foods when you get hungry. Instead have on hand high-fiber snacks such as vegetables and nuts. Both vegetables and nuts contain high levels of nutrients to nourish your body as well as the fiber that effectively lowers cholesterol.

Tip 2.) Eliminate meats that contain high levels of saturated fats like bacon and beef. Instead of using ground beef, use ground turkey whenever possible. Personally I have never found an adequate substitute for bacon, but many people do enjoy turkey bacon. If you are like me you may need to just go without.

Tip 3.) Increase the amount of vegetables that you consume each day. Look for opportunities to eat these nutrient dense foods. Add a handful of raw spinach to the sandwiches you eat. Have green peppers with a small amount of low-fat dip whenever possible. You may even want to center a meal around vegetables instead of around meat as the main course.

Tip 4.) Cut out empty carbohydrates from your diet. There is very little nutrition in foods such as white rice and potatoes. An even bigger problem with these foods is that they are converted into sugar and fat shortly after you consume them. Look for high-fiber substitutes such as wild rice.

Tip 5.) Avoiding eating at fast food restaurants. If you must, then go somewhere where you can choose healthier alternatives such as a salad or a sub sandwich loaded with vegetables. Subway is one of my favorites.

If you’ve recently been to your doctor where he is told you that it’s time to lower those cholesterol levels, there are several options to you. Unfortunately, the most obvious option is usually taking medication. However due to the side effects that can accompany it, cholesterol-lowering medication should be left as a last resort.

Natural cholesterol lowering food is a wonderful option. Not only are high fiber, low fat foods effective at lowering cholesterol, but they have the added benefit of improving your overall health, a claim which no cholesterol medication can make.

The best foods for lower cholesterol readings are fruits, vegetables and nuts that are high in fiber content. The reason fiber is so important is because it actually removes cholesterol from your body in two ways. For one thing, cholesterol actually attaches itself to soluble fiber in the intestines so that it is easily eliminated. Another thing that happens when we increase the amount of fiber in our diet is that the liver is stimulated into absorbing more cholesterol in order to replace the bile acids that are removed through a high fiber diet.

There are also some effective cholesterol lowering supplements available today that you may want to consider. The most effective ones contain high amounts of plant sterols which have been shown effective for lowering cholesterol. Sterols are naturally occurring substances in all plants.

Of these three methods of lowering cholesterol levels, the most effective is increasing the amounts of natural cholesterol lowering foods in the diet. I found it very helpful to use a structured diet plan such as the South Beach diet or the Mediterranean diet, both of which have some delicious recipes using the best foods for lowering cholesterol and losing weight.

You’ll find more information about these diets as well as the foods that are most effective for lowering cholesterol on my website. Taking this natural approach to healthier cholesterol levels will help you develop a healthier lifestyle that medication could never provide.

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