Causes of High Cholesterol

The causes of high cholesterol are numerous and common. If you don’t have high cholesterol and your looking for a preventative measure, I applaud you and your efforts. Prevention is the best solution.

There is a tipping point at a certain level where you enter a danger zone. Although it takes years of bad habits and age to amplify the problem, cholesterol only becomes a problem at a certain point. At this high point, you have to start changing your diet and exercise in order to prevent heart disease. The problem is you are no longer allowed to have a balanced diet. People with high cholesterol are told to avoid high cholesterol foods and for some, this is the only source of protein and important nutrients.

Your job is to understand what causes high cholesterol in order to keep your levels at bay. The first aspect of cholesterol that everyone needs to know about is that their are 2 different types.

Good Cholesterol¬†(Also known as, HDL cholesterol) – This is the type of cholesterol in the body that removes extra cholesterol from the body. You see, the body needs cholesterol to form cell membranes, produce vitamin D, produce bile to digest fat, and many other things. You don’t need too much cholesterol in order to follow through on these different processes. Your body uses HDL cholesterol in order to remove all the extra.

Bad Cholesterol (Also known as, LDL cholesterol) РThis is the type of cholesterol that brings cholesterol to the rest of the body. Out of all the causes of high cholesterol, this has to be one of the most prominent. This type sends cholesterol to the cells. It is more likely to be turned into plaque by free radicals. When your cholesterol turns into plaque, it builds up on the artery walls. one day when your not aware, the bubble of plaque bursts and unleashes blobs of fat that get stuck and have the tendency to cause a heart attack.

The causes of high cholesterol really have to do a lot with the different types of cholesterol.

1. Overeating Saturated Fat Foods

If you eat foods with high saturated fat content, you are at a high risk for high cholesterol. Ingesting saturated fat always increases the level of cholesterol the body produces. The liver understands that their is more fat to process so it creates more cholesterol to take care of it. Remember, cholesterol is used in the production of bile. Since bile is necessary in order to process fat, cholesterol is required in order to produce bile.

In addition, fat is also turned into triglycerides or the basic form that is stored in the body. Cholesterol is required to transport this to the cells. Again, the more fat eaten, the more that has to be stored in the body. This is an additional burden that has to be carried through the blood and increases the constant level of cholesterol.

2. Lack of exercise

This is another one of the larger causes of high cholesterol in the body. Exercise is shown to increase levels of good cholesterol in the body. If you don’t exercise, your good cholesterol will ultimately me lower. If your good cholesterol level is low, there is not enough of it to transport all the excess out of your body.

3. Genetics

Studies have shown that genetics has a lot to do with different cholesterol levels. Even if you stay on a healthy diet and exercise, you can still have high cholesterol. This is one of the causes of high cholesterol that is very difficult to explain and treat.

Now that you know what it takes to reach high levels of cholesterol, try to prevent that from ever happening by keeping fit, eating healthy foods, and above all, by taking the right supplement. If you are at risk for high cholesterol, it is recommended that your daily supplement be specific for high cholesterol.

Studies have shown the preventative powers of cholesterol lowering supplements. Their ingredients are a special blend of different cholesterol managing substances, vitamins, and minerals.

Again, to prevent the causes of high cholesterol, it is recommended that you take a cholesterol lowering supplement. They are all natural and very similar to a multivitamin except they contain a few extra ingredients that comes from all natural plant sources like rice, sugar cane, and wheat husk.

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